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DOT Exams
DOT Exams services offered in Arlington, TX

Do you need a Department of Transportation (DOT) exam to be able to drive a commercial vehicle and work at your job? At Primecare Family Practice, a private medical practice in Arlington, Texas, Lewis Nyantika, APRN, FNP-C, Maryline Ongangi, APRN, FNP-C, and their exceptional team offer DOT exams required for certain types of jobs. Call the office to schedule your next exam, or book one online today.

DOT Exams Q & A

What are DOT exams?

DOT exams, also referred to as DOT physicals, are medical examinations required to operate commercial motor vehicles. Passing a DOT exam is required by some employers to ensure you’re healthy enough to safely and effectively complete required job duties.

The Primecare Family Practice specialists have many years of experience completing DOT exams, as well as the paperwork needed for you to maintain a commercial driving job.


What should I bring with me to DOT exams?

When you arrive at Primecare Family Practice for a DOT exam, it’s important to have with you the following items:

  • DOT physical form
  • Form of payment
  • Picture ID
  • List of current medications and diagnoses
  • Contact lenses or eyeglasses if you wear them
  • Hearing aids if you wear them

Be prepared to undergo a physical examination, as well as certain diagnostic tests as needed.


What happens during DOT exams?

During DOT exams at Primecare Family Practice, you can expect the following:


Medical history review

Your primary care provider asks questions about your symptoms, personal and family medical histories, lifestyle habits, and more during the medical history review portion of a DOT exam.


Physical exam

Your specialist examines your ears, eyes, throat, heartbeat, reflexes, breathing, and more during each DOT medical exam.



You might undergo blood testing, urine drug testing, an eye exam, hearing screening, blood pressure screening, glucose checks, or other diagnostic tests.



If you need treatment or care from a specialist before you’re able to pass a DOT exam, your Primecare Family Practice provider is here to help. You might need vision correction, hearing aids, medication prescriptions, or injury treatments.

They do what they can to help you pass DOT exams and fill out the paperwork needed to maintain your job requirements and a commercial driver’s license.


How often do I need DOT exams?

Your employer lets you know how often to schedule DOT exams. These medical exams are usually necessary every two years, but you may need more frequent exams if you have a medical problem requiring treatment. 

To schedule DOT exams at Primecare Family Practice, call the office or use the online booking tab today.


What are DOT exams?

DOT exams, or DOT physicals, are comprehensive physical examinations required to operate commercial motor vehicles. Passing your exam ensures you’re healthy enough to complete your job duties safely.

The team at Primecare Family Practice has many years of experience conducting DOT exams and the paperwork needed to begin or maintain commercial driving jobs.


Which services are provided during DOT exams?

Primecare Family Practice provides the following DOT services:

  • Cdl physical exams
  • Hearing and eye exam
  • Blood pressure
  • Glucose checks
  • Urine dips
  • Urine drug testing